The Science of Music is a place for musicians to connect their skills with science and technology. Whether you’re an interested performer, builder, gearhead, or enthusiast we have something for you. Our acoustics and electronics DIY projects are fun, easy, and educational, while our topical videos will run the gamut from the physics of sound to the psychology of music. Stick around and learn something new!

This project has been made possible with support from the National Science Foundation under grant IIS-0844654.

Science of Music Team:

Student Assistants :

  • 2014 Kathleen “Ying-Ying” Zhang, Adam November, Ronald Mraz
  • 2013 Spencer Shafter, Kathleen “Ying-Ying” Zhang
  • 2012 Kevin Murphy,  Ashlyn Kersten, Joshua Chang
  • 2011 Travis Kaufman, Nick Dooley, Sarah Streit
  • 2010 Meera Nanda, Pia Blumenthal, Michael Quigley
  • 2009 Elana Ehrenberg, Tyler Mayo, Caitlin Gambill, Aron Glennon

Give us your comments, suggestions, and your own experiences in the wide world of music and technology by sending an email to scienceofmusicnyu-at-gmail.com (making all appropriate replacements) or by commenting on any post on the blog. We look forward to interacting with you!

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